No, this is regular!


No, I should not be forced to waste my time explaining to you that I would like regular coke instead of diet coke.


How come your lack of discipline, that led you to be obese in the first place, and then straight down the road of denial, to require you to sip a disgusting, chemically altered liquid that bears no resemblance to anything ever meant to be consumed – forces me to fend off attempts to fill my calice with diet soda?!

No only is simple lack of discipline to blame for the fact that you are too fat; you are also blaming it on innocent outside products – such as good, old regular coke.

Ever heard this order: Oh, I’ll have two quadruple-pounder supersize fatburger combos, double kingsize fries, two apple pies, and a large Diet Coke!

What the hell? Have some respect for those around you…