I have some newfound respect for that Martin Luther King dude.

Some very basic research revealed that King never actually preached equality as far as racial origin was concerned.

King was merely hedging – his dream was that people would be judged by their character rather than their race. But, if you dissect this a little closer – King never said that blacks were of similar character when compared to other races.

King was well aware that discrimination did not happen because of skin color. Discrimination did not happen because somebody happened to be black – it happened because somebody behaved black.

There is a fine line between racism as a sterotype – and racism lading to the misbelief that one black dude would be entirely relieved of of accountability for his/her actions within a society. I’m looking at YOU, Chris Brown.

And King must’ve seen it. All he enforced was his belief that people should be judged by their character – and I have to agree.

And if that was his dream, then maybe all of us, not just colored folk, should look in the mirror and start at one’s own character before cryin’ out racism in utter misinterpretation of one fellow dude’s dream.